Living Cultures Areas

Traditions That Sustain Us


 Living Cultures of the Great Lakes


Members from the Ho-Chunk, Ojibwe, and Oneida Nations share facets of their cultures that have sustained them throughout time and continue to be viable today.


Great Lakes Cultural Demonstrators


Members of the Ho-chunk, Ojibwe and Oneida Nations demonstrate various traditional skills and actvities.

(Available throughout the festival unless a time is indicated)


Living Cultures of the Woodlands


Stop by the Cultures of the Woodlands Village and visit our unique and distinctive styles as volunteers demonstrate their abilities and artistic flair when it comes to excellence and brilliant products.

A woodland style wigwam will be constructed and can be viewed throughout the entire weekend that has been donated by a Menominee Tribal member. We ask that Indian Summer Festival visitors please refrain from touching any of the traditional works of the volunteers.

Traditions from various woodland tribes including Menominee, Stockbridge Munsee Band of Mohican Indians, Oneida Indian Tribe of Wisconsin as well as some demonstrations from the Kickapoo Tribe.



Woodlands Cultural Demonstrators