Schedule of Events

All acts/times subject to change

Download a PDF of the printed schedule here, but the website and Facebook will be your best places for up-to-date info.


Friday, September 7


Miller Stage

4:00   Paco Fralick

5:30   Opening Ceremony

6:00  Drum Jam

7:30   Kelly Jackson

8:30   Wade Fernandez Band

9:30   Big Snake

10:30 Eagle and Hawk


Gathering Place Stage

4:30   The Cody Blackbird Band

6:30   Balance and Beauty Clothing (Fashion Show) Featuring the work of LeAnn Osby

7:30   Paco Fralick

8:30   Jan Michael Looking Wolf

9:30   Paco Fralick

10:30 Rellik


Native Hearts Stage

4:00   Anna Belle Aerials

5:00   Dance Academy of Mexico – Aztec Dancers

6:30   Scott Ward Comedy Hypnotist (sponsored by NATOW)

8:00  Woodland Sky Dance Company

9:00  Anna Belle Aerials


Powwow Arena

7:00  Grand Entry


Miller Brew House

5:30  Bingo

7:30  Bingo

9:00  Bingo


Saturday, September 8


Miller Stage

12:00  Kelly Jackson

1:00    Paco Fralick

2:00   Indian Summer Music Awards

3:00   Fiddle and Jig Contest featuring Richie Plass & The Bed Bugs

4:30   Wade Fernandez Band

6:00   Eagle and Hawk

8:00   Brulé

10:00  Big Snake

10:30  Fireworks

11:00  Big Snake


Eagle’s Nest Stage

12:00  Suicide among Native Youth Presented by Mark Denning

1:30    Cooking Demo, Wild Rice Crusted Pork Chops with Joe Parajecki, Kettle Range Meat Co

2:30   Cooking Demo, Wojapi Native American Pudding with Ron Greiger of White Feather Restaurant

3:30   Cooking Demo, Duck Confit & toasted farro salad w/honey grain vinaigrette with Lucas Lonzo, Potawatomi Hotel & Casino


Gathering Place Stage

12:00  Painted Raven

1:00    The Cody Blackbird Band

5:00   Balance and Beauty Clothing (Fashion Show) Featuring the work of LeAnn Osby

6:00   Jan Michael Looking Wolf

7:00   Painted Raven

8:00   Crazy Flute

9:00   Sandra Sutter

10:00 Rellik


Native Hearts Stage

12:00  Anna Belle Aerials

1:00    Dance Academy of Mexico – Aztec Dancers

2:30   Woodland Sky Dance Company

4:00   Dance Academy of Mexico – Aztec Dancers

5:00   Anna Belle Aerials

6:30   Scott Ward Comedy Hypnotist (sponsored by NATOW)

8:30   Anna Belle Aerials

10:00 Drew Benz


Mohican Pavilion

3:30   Amateur Boxing


Powwow Arena

1:00   Grand Entry

7:00   Grand Entry


Miller Brew House

1:30   Bingo

3:30   Bingo

5:30   Bingo

7:30   Bingo

9:30   Bingo


Sunday, September 9


Miller Stage

11:30  Paco Fralick

12:30  Kelly Jackson

2:00   Wade Fernandez Band

3:30   Crazy Flute

4:30   Paco Fralick

5:30  Kelly Jackson

6:30  Wade Fernandez Band


Eagle’s Nest Stage

1:30  Cooking Demo, Buffalo Stew with Bruce Evans of Slow Food Wisconsin Southeast

2:30  Cooking Demo, Duck Tacos and Wild Rice Fried Rice with Tai Tok, Potawatomi Hotel & Casino

3:30 Cooking Demo, Mark Shoup with Potawatomi Hotel & Casino


Gathering Place Stage

12:00  Michelle Reed Native Aerobics

1:00    Crazy Flute

2:30  The Cody Blackbird Band


Native Hearts Stage

11:30  MKE Yoga (free to the public but donations for the ISF Scholarship Fund are appreciated)

1:30   Dance Academy of Mexico – Aztec Dancers

2:30  Anna Belle Aerials

3:30  Woodland Sky Dance Company

4:30  Dance Academy of Mexico – Aztec Dancers

5:30  Anna Belle Aerials


Mohican Pavilion

12:00  Amateur Boxing


Powwow Arena

1:00   Grand Entry


Miller Brew House

12:00  Bingo

2:00   Bingo

4:00   Bingo